Prayer Points For Blessings In The Year 2020


Let it be known to all that God is not the only giver of blessings. The devil also gives a blessing to people. However, it is only the blessing of God that makes riches without adds no sorrow. God is the one that can give a blessing that doesn’t have a consequence, Proverbs 10:22
It is important that when we want to seek for blessings, we ask from God alone who gives liberally without blemish.


1. It is important to always give thanks before we ask anything from God.

2. Heavenly Father, I thank God for the privilege that you gave unto me to witness this new year, Lord, let your name be exalted.

3. Almighty God, I thank you for the rain of blessing that you caused to shower upon me, my family and church in the previous, I magnify your majesty

4.Lord, the Bible says the glory of the latter shall surely surpass the former, I ask that you bless me bountifully in this new year 2020.

5. Almighty God I ask that in this new year you bless me beyond measures, that everything that I lay my hands on in this year should prosper in Jesus name.

6. Lord by mercy, I ask that you make me a blessing unto my generation, make a source of joy unto every one that comes my way.

7. Almighty God, I come against every form of devourer and cankerworm that wants to eat up your blessing in my life, I pray that the fire of God Almighty consume them.

8. Lord in your name, I come against every prince of Persia that may want to hinder your blessing from coming into manifestation in Jesus name

9. I decree by that authority of heaven that this year 2020 will be a year of fulfillment, every promised blessing that has not been fulfilled, I decree that they are fulfilled in Jesus. Every demonic veil that has been used to cover the light of manifestation from shining, I remove such veil in Jesus name.

10. Lord God, I decree that you will bless my fruits abundantly. Everywhere that they go in this new year, you will take it for them in possession in Jesus name

11. Lord your word says that in blessing you shall bless me, Lord let this promise be made manifest in this year in Jesus name.

12. I refuse to suffer for any good thing on this new year, everything that I suffered for last year, every good thing that I was deprived of in the previous year, I decree that you release them unto me in Jesus name.

13. Lord God, I ask that your favor will always be upon me in this new year and you will establish the work of my hands in this year 2020 in Jesus name.

14. The scripture made me know that you know the thoughts that you have towards me, they are the thoughts of good and not of evil to give me an expected end. Lord, I ask that your will be done in my life in this new year in Jesus name.

15. Lord God, the scripture made me understand that you are able more than capable to bless me abundantly, Lord I ask that you make this manifest in my life.

16. You are the God that supply the needs of man. The Bible says God will supply all of my needs according to his riches in glory through Christ. Lord, I ask that you supply for all that my heart desires.

17. Almighty Father, I ask that you will direct my paths to a breakthrough in this new year. I refuse to do anything with stress, I ask that by your mercy you will teach and direct me in Jesus name.

18. The Bible says surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Lord God, in his new year, I ask that your goodness and mercy continually follow me everywhere I go in Jesus name.

We are the children of a king, a man that can supply everything that we need. All we need to do is use some of the prayer points in on this list to seek the blessing of God in this new year 2020 and God will surely bless us.